Fortress Europe!

No Fortress Europe!

A huge castle grew on the ground of a big antique cemetery. Sometimes a little soul came out and flew to heaven. Ruins laid around the walls. I thought they were from an old theatre in the south of Europe. Mountains and water protect the castle. But it was not enough. Some giant soldiers armed in modern weapons stood beside an enormous gate. They couldn‘t say anything. They were just murderers.

A tiny refugee went to the gate. He knocked. It started to rain and a poverty-storm churned up the ocean around the castle. A little door was opened and a Roman Emperor came out. His name was Theodosius The First. He said to the refugee that no more christians would be killed in his Realm. The pale face turned to me and asked whether I knew god and his Holy Son Jesus. However, I didn‘t care. I only wanted to know what would happen to the Jews. But he said that only god knows. His body was blown up. He vanished.

A new man came. He spoke german and latin. In his right hand he held a book. Die Bibel (The Bible), I read. The Holy Book in german. Translated by Martin Luther. He seemed to be very strong and intelligent. But a roman-catholic knife killed him. A revolution began in the castle and the book grew bigger and bigger. Things changed.

But still the refugee could not go in. Again a new man appeared. A tall sculpture of an english knight. He told us about his fights. He spoke about Hamlet, Othello, Romeo and Juliet and many more battles against social prejudices. But he was going into another fight. The financial power of jewish profiteers had to be banned. He said his name is William Shakespeare. An Englishman.

The last person had the name Prosperity. More and more refugees came. By ships and planes. By feet and on horses. But the door was closed. Forever. The giants took their arms and killed everyone who wanted to penetrate into the castle. The refugees were murdered bloodely.

Herbst 1993